We do horns

We do horns There is a goat bodaty For small children! Legs top! top! Eyes crack! crack! Who does not eat a squash.

Who does not drink a milk.

That will butt, will butt.

We do horns we expose forward forefinger and little finger, other fingers are close in a fist; we butt we touch horns to child; gesture small a palm we show growth over floor level; we stamp; we blink it is possible to close and to disconnect fingers of hands; denial gesture we wind the head here and there; we butt.

LADUSHKI Ladushki, ladushka where were Ubabushki What firtrees A squash What saw To Brazhka.

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For example, you go for a walk

For example, you go for a walkEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSON Walks and supervision Development in children of ability to set the purpose of game and to achieve it everything together it is closely connected with expansion of ideas of the world.

For example, you go for a walk with boys and come on a building site.

It helps to learn to use cars on a miscellaneous.

Sometimes, having seen enough animated films and cinema, children start to beat, knock and be at war the toy machines.

Supervision over operations of working cars will help the child to be switched and will fill his game by informative and developing plots.

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And I understand

And I understand It falls on the floor, continues to behave outrageously.

And I understand that her bad behavior it is caused by the one and only reason it would like to involve in herself mine the attention, is pleasant to study it, she would like to stay with me a little more.

At a lesson she already behaves long ago ideally, with it are engaged, it is interesting to it.

But communication with it, in fact, is limited to a lesson framework, on which I the leader, and it conducted.

That she knows and is able, while it is not enough for partnership, highgrade, at higher level of interaction.

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CertaintimeIt is very important, that the child had a companyfriends of its age.

It is necessary to tryto be friendly and hospitable in the relationcompanions of the child to treat them, whenthey will come on a visit, or to organize the jointpicnic.

When the child becomes a first grader, it is necessaryat once to establish a daily routine such,which would suit also it, and parents.

Certaintime should be taken away for food, a dream,walks, preparations of lessons and viewing of telecasts.

Relatively the last it is better to agree at oncetogether to lead round in TV program those,at which the child would like to look, and to make itdaily routine point.

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Practically, we come

Practically, we come You on are gone in it, you are connected to this system – and anywhere will not get to.

You create in it an error on one volt, to you comes back – blow in you volt.

Practically, we come nearer to such condition.

The nature puts before us very complex problem, and it – to put it mildly.

– I bring any indignation in system and I receive the answer only after everything calmed down … That is I do not see compliance between cause and effect – in it a problem – But you can accuse nobody of anything.

You are in ideal system.

It is ideal both concerning you, and concerning everyone.

You to a floor from it negative return reaction which presses on you in order that investigated itself and correctly could join in this scheme.

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